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Welcome to Pariwartan Mitra

Welcome to Pariwartan Mitra Foundation, where change is not just a goal, but a way of life. Our foundation is a beacon of hope and transformation, working tirelessly to reshape rural India through innovative carbon offset projects that empower communities and nurture the environment.

Our Vision

A Brighter, Greener Tomorrow

At Pariwartan Mitra Foundation, we envision a future where rural communities thrive in harmony with their environment. We believe that by creating opportunities for growth and sustainable development, we can catalyze positive change that ripples through generations

Our Commitment

Sparking Transformation

We're not simply a foundation; we're catalysts of change. Our projects go beyond reducing carbon emissions – they're designed to spark a transformation that touches every aspect of rural life. From clean cookstoves to reforestation, solar energy to clean water, our initiatives are rooted in a deep understanding of the challenges faced by rural communities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to catalyze transformative change in rural India by implementing impactful carbon offset projects. By focusing on environmental restoration and community upliftment, we're not only offsetting carbon but also fostering resilience, prosperity, and sustainable development.



  • Empathy: We deeply understand and respect the needs of rural communities, and our initiatives reflect their aspirations.
  • Sustainability: Our projects are built on the foundation of long-term sustainability, safeguarding the environment and livelihoods.
  • Inclusivity: Every individual matters; our projects prioritize inclusivity, especially for women and marginalized groups.
  • Innovation: We constantly seek innovative solutions that create a synergy between environmental and societal well-being.
  • Transparency: We believe in open communication and transparency, building trust with every stakeholder we engage.

Verticals & Our Targets Till 2030



Empowering Impact Through Expertise

Pariwartan Mitra Foundation is dedicated to creating a lasting impact through a range of specialized services. With a focus on project management expertise, on-ground implementation, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and community impact, we channel our passion for change into tangible results that uplift both people and the planet.


Project Management Expertise

Navigating Change with Precision

Our project management expertise is the cornerstone of our impactful initiatives. With a team well-versed in orchestrating multi-dimensional projects, we navigate complexities, streamline processes, and ensure seamless execution. Witness how our meticulous planning and robust strategies turn visions into impactful realities.


On-Ground Implementation

From Vision to Reality

At Pariwartan Mitra Foundation, we understand that change requires action. Our commitment extends beyond blueprints; we roll up our sleeves and implement initiatives on the ground. Through meticulous execution, we bring projects to life, turning concepts into tangible benefits for communities and the environment.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Your Partner in Impact

For businesses committed to giving back, we offer tailored CSR solutions that align with your values and goals. Collaborate with us to design and execute CSR initiatives that make a meaningful difference in rural India. See how your company's resources can create a positive ripple effect that extends far beyond the boardroom.


Community Impact

Changing Lives, Transforming Futures

Our services are not just about projects – they're about people. With a community-centric approach, we focus on driving sustainable change that directly impacts lives. Explore how our initiatives create a domino effect, from improving livelihoods to fostering gender equality, health, education, and overall well-being.



Explore our impactful carbon offset projects that are fostering change across rural India:


Eco-Stove Revolution

Empowering households with clean cooking solutions, reducing carbon emissions and indoor air pollution.


Green Oasis Plantations

Reforesting and revitalizing landscapes through sustainable agroforestry practices.


Solar Radiance Initiative

Illuminating lives by bringing solar energy to remote areas, reducing reliance on fossil fuels.



Delivering clean water solutions to ensure a healthier, sustainable future for communities.

Discover The Pariwartan

Choose Pariwartan Mitra Foundation as your partner for change. Let's amplify impact, create ripples of transformation, and empower generations to come.

Innovation Meets Impact

Our services are a fusion of innovation and impact, designed to address real-world challenges with creative solutions.

End-to-End Excellence

From conceptualization to execution, our services cover every aspect of project realization.

Collaborative Approach

We believe in partnership – whether it's with communities, businesses, or stakeholders, our collaborations drive positive change.

Holistic Change

Our services embrace a holistic approach, ensuring that every effort resonates with sustainability, equity, and empowerment.

Impact Stories

These are just glimpses into the symphony of change we orchestrate. Each impact story is a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and unwavering dedication. Through these stories, we invite you to witness the tangible, heartwarming impact that your support can create. Join us in writing more stories of transformation as we march towards a future where every heartbeat resonates with hope.

Realizing Dreams, One Change at a Time

At Pariwartan Mitra Foundation, our projects are more than just initiatives; they're stories of transformation, resilience, and the power of change. Each project we undertake creates a ripple effect that resonates across communities, uplifting lives and the environment. Explore the impact stories that illuminate our journey towards a brighter, greener, and more empowered tomorrow.

Clean cookstove for healthier lives

In rural kitchens, our clean cookstoves are bringing more than just efficiency – they're ushering in clean air and better health. Families once plagued by indoor air pollution are now experiencing a breath of fresh air, free from harmful fumes. Witness the smiles of children as they cook alongside their parents, inhaling cleaner air and a future filled with promise.

Seeds of Prosperity: Agroforestry's Green Revolution

Our agroforestry projects are transforming barren landscapes into thriving green oases. Explore how communities are embracing sustainable agriculture practices, rejuvenating soil health, and cultivating a source of livelihood that nurtures both the land and their dreams. Witness the growth of trees, crops, and hopes as the seeds of prosperity take root.

Solar Smiles: Illuminating Futures with Solar Energy

In remote villages where darkness once prevailed, solar lanterns are casting a warm glow on lives previously shrouded in obscurity. Discover how solar energy is sparking educational pursuits, enabling productive evenings, and fostering a sense of security in areas where the sun now sets but never truly goes dark. These solar smiles are illuminating pathways to dreams previously hidden in the shadows.

Water, Life, Vitality: Clean Water, Brighter Futures

Access to clean water is more than a necessity – it's a foundation for growth. Delve into the stories of communities empowered by our AquaPure initiative, where water purifiers are quenching thirst and safeguarding health. Witness the joy of children sipping pure water, knowing that their futures are now anchored in a source of vitality.

Why Choose Us?

  • Impactful Projects: Our carbon offset projects are more than just numbers – they're stories of change, resilience, and empowerment.
  • Community-Centric Approach: We believe in working hand in hand with communities, respecting their needs and aspirations.
  • Innovation at Heart: Our solutions are driven by innovation, merging environmental preservation with social progress.
  • Proven Results: Our track record speaks for itself. We've already transformed lives and landscapes across rural India.
  • Empowering All: Our projects prioritize inclusivity, with a focus on women and marginalized groups.
  • Get Involved: Be the Change








Join us on this incredible journey to reshape rural India:



Your contribution can fuel transformative projects that leave a lasting impact.



Put your skills to work and experience the change firsthand by volunteering with us.



Collaborate with us to magnify our efforts and create a stronger impact together.


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